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AxureWorld 2009 網路研討會

AxureWorld 2009

AxureWorld 2009是一個完全免費的網路研討會,來自全世界各地的Axure RP高手輪流上場,分享各種Axure RP的經驗跟技巧,而且會採訪Axure公司的創辦人跟行銷總監,討論他們對Axure RP產品的開發方向跟理念。

這個研討會即將在GMT時間 10/10 13:00開始,一直到GMT時間23:00,相當於台北時間 10/10 晚上8點到隔天清晨8點。想要報名參加,請到此處留下資料即可:https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/720563690

AxureWorld 2009 網址 http://www.axureworld.com/


13:00 Variables and Conditional Logic; Raised Events [T30] Fred Beecher, Loren Baxter

15:00 Spec Generation [T31] Luke Perman

16:00 Managing Visual Design [T32] Fred Beecher

17:00 Shared Projects (Including Pattern and Widget Libraries) [T33] Dhawal Shah, Ezra Schwartz

19:00 Ask Axure [T40] Victor Hsu, Martin Smith and Dani DuFrene – AxureRP

21:00 Integrating Axure into Your Process [T34] Mark Johnston, Fred Beecher

22:00 Managing Requirements and Traceability [T35] Fred Beecher

23:00 Axure Tips and Tricks [T60] Jeff Harrison, Loren Baxter

Sessions Highlight
For a updated descriptions of all sessions please visit AxureWorld.com

16:00 GMT
Managing Visual Design
Luke Perman

Axure is often characterized as a wireframing tool, but it is also highly capable of representing visual design. And there are plenty of reasons why you’d want to take advantage of this capability. While it’s not Photoshop, it will get the job done well enough for the purpose of prototyping. In this panel, I’ll discuss how & when to use the various functionality within Axure to represent a visual design on your prototype.

19:00 GMT
Ask Axure
Axure RP

In this session, Axure representitives Victor Hsu, Martin Smith and Dani DuFrene will discuss their philosophy on prototyping and the product roadmap for Axure RP. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and maybe even get a sneak peek of Maxure – Axure for the Macintosh.

23:00 GMT
Axure Tips and Tricks
Jeff Harrison, Loren Baxter & Audiance

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Axure, you may be looking for ways to extend what you can accomplish. Loren and Jeff will share tips from their own experience that will help you save time, create complex interactions, and add a professional polish to your prototypes.
Attendee questions are welcome. Send them in advance to loren.baxter@gmail.com or jlharr@gmail.com, or just bring them with you.

Panelist Highlights
For updated descriptions visit http://www.AxureWorld.com

Loren Baxter
AxureWorld-Loren BaxterT30 Variables, Conditional Logic and Raised Events
T60 Axure Tips and Tricks

Loren BaxterLoren has been a User Experience designer for 4 years, and making websites for many more. Having started in an in-house corporate UX team, he now freelances as a UX designer and front end programmer with the Breakthrough Innovation Group.

Loren strongly believes in the power of sketching, simplicity, user research, and the importance of strong design communication. His blog, A Clean Design, regularly publishes Axure libraries and articles. You can find him on Twitter as @lorenbaxter, blog: http://aclealandesign.com or wibsite: http://www.engagebig.com

Fred Beecher
AxureWorld-Fred BeecherT30 Variables, Conditional Logic and Raised Events
T32 Managing Visual Design
T34 Integrating Axure Into Your Process

AxureWorld eMail Header A recognized expert in rapid prototyping, Fred speaks frequently on the topic at national professional conferences and local user experience group meetings.

In 2007, Fred developed the official training program for the Axure RP Pro rapid prototyping tool at the request of its makers. He has since trained additional consultants to give the courses and currently leads a broader Axure training program for Evantage. You can read Fred on UX here:

Jeff Harrison
AxureWorld-Jeff HarrisonT60 Axure Tips & Tricks

Jeff Harrison likes a good brain teaser. When he’s not figuring out how to make Axure do things nature never intended, he enjoys
solving and constructing crosswords, doing magic tricks for his two kids, and thinking about why he chooses to live in a place that gets cold enough to freeze your eyes open.
Jeff has been shaping conversations, both online and in print, since 1996. He is currently a senior information architect (and Axure answer guy) in the user experience group at U.S. Bank in St. Paul, Minnesota. You can find him on Twitter as @mrjeffharrison.

Mark Johnston
AxureWorld-Mark JohnstonT34 Integrating Axure Into Your Process

Mark has only had the formal title, “User Experience Designer” appended to his name for the past 12 months but has been an experience practitioner at Austar for the past 5 years in the role of a front end web developer. He has a passion to build great products for both internal and external clients focusing on experience, usability and accessibility.

Mark has hopes of instilling user focused design practices and methodologies to aid in better products from and within Austar. After seeing a single line mention of Axure RP in Robert Hoekman’s “Designing the Obvious” he has been using Axure to help him achieve his goals.

Luke Perman
AxureWorld-Luke PermanT31 Spec Generation

Luke Perman is co-founder of AXLIB, the open-source project to create a robust design pattern library for Axure RP. An interaction designer for over 11 years, Luke is now Senior Information Architect at Sapient Interactive, one of the largest and most innovative interactive marketing and technology agencies in the world.

With responsibility for internal training of Axure, Luke also plays his part in the Axure community as a proactive beta tester and frequent tweeter on Axure issues.

Ezra Schwartz
AxureWorld-Ezra SchwartzT33 Shared Projects

My vision for AxureWorld is a simple one: A free community-driven Web event where participants share UX prototyping perspectives with peers worldwide.

I’ve been using Axure for almost three years. This tool has significantly improved my ability to articulate and effectively communicate complex interaction concepts. Axure is powerful, easy to master and affordable. As such, it helps level the playing field for good interaction design around the world.

I am not an employee of Axure RP nor am I compensated by the company or others in any way shape or form. In creating AxureWorld I am motivated by the opportunity to get together with peers world-wide, make new connections and learn from the experience of others.

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