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HPX Talk 53:每天都是第 1 天,AWS 產品設計師的週年回顧

HPX Talk 53:每天都是第 1 天,AWS 產品設計師的週年回顧

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[活動筆記]HPX97 – 火影研究者 ( 上 )

本文是 芝心 參與 HPX97 – 火影 ... Read More »

UXHK 2017 台灣團體報名優惠

User Experience Hong Kong (UXHK) is a learning event dedicated to bringing all product and service design disciplines together, from research, marketing, design, technology and the business to name a few, who are interested and passionate about designing great experiences for people and business for a better world for all. Read More »



「使用者經驗」(UX)是認知心理學家Do ... Read More »

HPX讀書會(G9) – 臥底 UX 之新血招募活動

G9 臥底 UX 之招募新血 「給我個機 ... Read More »

HPX11 活動預告-兩岸網站企劃觀察

這兩三年,偶而來往大陸與台灣之間,觀察到 ... Read More »

UiGathering 3月份 如何在組織中推展使用者經驗設計


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